Friday, January 25, 2013

Just another day in paradise

All Librarians are super powered
The other day I had someone come into our library and tell me that he thought Librarians (and the Librarian profession as a whole) must be the most boring job on the planet.  Boring, huh?

Fact is, I've see it all (or a whole lot of it) as a law Librarian.  There was the arsonist who was only trying to scare his ex-girlfriend; the bank robber who just needed some extra cash to tie him over until Friday; the domestic violence where she beat him because she thought he was just so cuddly; the double homicide because she didn't know the shotgun was loaded; the drunk driver who thought he should get a pass because he got schnockered on his birthday; the computer hacker because he was only 13; the securities fraud because his wife made all the trades; the adverse possessor because he built a dog house on the property; the guy who thought if he filed bankruptcy he could avoid paying back child support; the couple who incorporated themselves so they could buy illegal fireworks (and avoid prosecution); the tax fraud because she thought she was her own country; and the sex offender because she looked 21.  

Yep, life never gets dull at the law library.  You ever get the hunkering to know what it takes to be a law Librarian, take a look at or just go talk to your local county law Librarian and be prepared to be amazed!