Friday, December 28, 2012

It's All Relative

marriage doesn't always end in happily ever afterDo you remember when you were married and you looked into your then spouses' eyes and whispered sweet nothings to him/her?  Do you remember buying dozens and dozens of flowers for your sweetheart or tons of chocolate or even shopping for the perfect engagement/wedding ring.  I sure do.  It amazes me that notwithstanding all the effort it takes to get married, how much goes into getting divorced.  Picking the right lawyer, selecting the right venue, sending dead roses to the ex, identifying community property rights....

The list of how to end all things seems to go on and on but boy oh boy can community proprty rights really wipe a person outThing is, I've seen, lately, an inordinate amount of people come in asking how California community property laws are going to affect their marital assets.  In fact, I had one guy come in just the other day asking
keeping a marriage together takes a whole lot more than a village
about how California was going to categorize his separate property as well as his marital assets.  What I suggested is that he take a look at Bassett on California Community Property Law (West).  Basset is THE word on community property issues in California and it even covers how property is categorized when you're married in another country and then you move to California.  Another resource you might want to take a look at is Corpus Juris Secundum (West).  Funny name, great resource.

Anyway, you have questions, we have answers.  Come on by and check out your friendly neighborhood local county Law Librarian whenever next you're in a quandary.