Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pre-marital games

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Once upon a time I was carefree and fancy free.  No wife, no kids, and no job.  Well, I worked part-time (more than enough to pay for golf and other sundry necessities of life).  During this time, I hooked up with a golfing buddy who was going to medical school.  In addition to medical school, he also had a girlfriend attached to his arm.  Turned out it was girlfriend's belief that he was her meal ticket.  Specifically, she believed that once boyfriend graduated from med school and slaved through residency, he'd become a filthy wealthy doctor and marry her.

Turns out boyfriend's dream was to lower his golf score three strokes and it caused girlfriend no small degree of consternation that his dream and her dream did not mesh.  Imagine, then, when I came on the scene and I started filling his head with ideas like he should become a golf pro and to make sure you get an ante-nuptial (aka prenuptial) agreement before he got married to girlfriend.

Whencrazy psycho girlfriend girlfriend found out I suggested he get an ante-nuptial agreement, she went out of her mind.  No kidding - you'd have thought her head was going to explode.  Seven shades of red, steam coming out her ears, her eyes turned blood red...truly a sight to behold.  Needless to say, she was not happy with me and swore a blood oath that if boyfriend ever got an ante-nuptial agreement, "they" would never find my body. 

Maybe you've considered writing up an ante-nuptial agreement.  If such is the case, might I point your attention to American Jurisprudence Legal Forms, 2d (West) or Marital Settlement and Other Family Law Agreements (CEB).  Yeah, those two resources are sure to get you going where you need to be just, uh, if you do create your agreement...would you please keep it on the low down?  I mean, helpful law librarian that I am, I'd rather not have to buy body armor to protect me from the angst your significant others are sure to inflict upon me.

I'm not kidding - please...don't tell anyone!