Friday, October 26, 2012

Only Stupid If You DON'T Ask

ideas, light bulbs, lightening bolts, pennies from heavenSo, the other day whilst I was getting my Law Librarian groove on a woman walked up to me.  This young lady had been working on her case for the last few months and she came up to me with an announcement that just rocked her world seven ways from Sunday.  She said to me, "I just realized something. State law is different from Federal law!"

Good thing she realized that if you're in state court you're not going to be using Federal law (and, in many situations, vice versa).  Thing is each court is very jealous about their jurisdiction and really don't like being told what to do by the other.  I suspect it's a big/little brother sort of thing.  In certain legal circles, it's called jurisprudence.

In any event - while this stuff is pretty basic for me, it may not be for others.  If you have any questions that are too ponderous for your friends (or your afraid they'll laugh at you), go ask your local county law librarian for help and I'm sure we (in the royal sense) can help answer your most ponderous legal research questions.