Friday, August 10, 2012

Why would I ever need a law book?!

talk, talk, talkThe other day I was speaking with a group of people and in the course of our discussion someone asked me what I did for a living.  I told him I'm a Law Librarian.  "A Law Librarian?  What's that?!?!"  I explained what I do to which they responded that they not only don't like lawyers but that they could not imagine a situation where they would ever need to use a law book.   Then one of them asked, "Why would I ever want to go to a law library, anyway?"  Why?  Well, I'll tell you why.

wedding bells ringingSay for example you get married. Now let's say that the person to whom you've affixed your affections has been unemployed for the last 12 years, is presently living in his parent's garage, and has no assets to his name - but he does have a winning smile.  Notwithstanding all warning signs to the contrary you plow forward with your marital designs.  Turns out this guy is really, REALLY interested in marrying you what you having a steady job, a plethora of credit cards and a trust account to rival the gold that (at one time) was in Fort Knox.

Shortly before you take the plunge, you acquiesce to your collective group of friend's requests that you draw up an ante nuptial (aka "prenuptial") agreement  to protect your assets.  Knowing that you don't know anything about ante nuptial agreements, a friend of yours tells you about all the great resources you can find at your local county law library.  Quick as a wink, you fly to your local county law library and, after consulting with the ever knowledgeable law librarian, you head over to Williston on Contract, Forms 4th Edition (West), take a look in the Index under Premarital Agreements and get your betrothed to sign on the dotted line thus protecting your hard fought assets and putting your friend's collective minds at ease.

Divorce begets lack of furnitureNow let's say 18 months down the road you realize that prince charming isn't all that charming and, in fact, he's really starting to get on your nerves - what with maxing out your credit cards, demanding an allowance, and always trying to get his fingers on your trust account.  So annoying!  Realizing you maybe jumped the gun on this marriage thing, you decide it's time for a divorce.  Knowing how helpful your local county law librarian was before you got married, you hurry over to the law library and, after consulting with the law library again, you head over to American Jurisprudence Pleading and Practice Forms Annotated (West), look in the Index under Husband and Wife and discover a whole bunch of resources to help you be rid of this financial parasite.

So, what have we learned?  If nothing else that while you may never need a lawyer, or a law book, or even the assistance of your friendly neighborhood county law librarian, we'll be here when you do.