Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dream a Little Dream

dream flying sleepHave you ever had that dream where you're flying?  Zooming amongst the clouds, birds, airplanes.  Great feeling, isn't it.  I've had that dream not a few times.  Don't know what it means other than the fact that I feel exhilarated and refreshed when I wake up.  On the other hand, I had a dream where I swallowed a spider.  Yeah - ugh!  I woke up in seconds in a cold sweat and couldn't get back to sleep thinking that #%@$#^ spider was just waiting to jump inside my mouth as soon as I fell asleep.  I'm afraid to wonder what that dream meant.  The thing is that normally I don't talk about stuff like dreams because, well,...I can't remember most anything when I wake up...except that lately I've been having some rather off the wall dreams and I'm hoping someone out there in blog-land can help me interpret the meaning.

demon childFirst, there's the dream where I'm over at a friend's house.  It's a BBQ.  Lots of people are there in the same room as I am and then this one couple comes in the room and their freaking twin rabid babies try to take a chunk out of me.  The blasted things just won't stop coming at me.  Over and over and over they lunge at me trying to take a hunk out of my leg. Dang but it's disturbing and I wonder what it all means?
What it could be is that they're trying to take me apart financially.  Yeah - see, my wife is expecting twins as we speak and I'm betting my subconscious is telling me they're going to wreak havoc on my bank account.  Sure, that sounds plausible....on the other hand it could be a premonition that the next time we get invited out to a BBQ that a couple of babies are going to try to take a hunk out of my leg.  Perhaps it my psychosis taking hold but better safe than sorry.  Better go to the local county law library and read up on tort liability.  Yeah - maybe take a look at some great titles such as Personal Injury: actions, defenses, damages (Matthew/Bender) or Neighbor Law (Nolo Press) or even AmJur Pleading and Practice Forms (West).  Yeah, sounds like a plan!

Another dream I've been having is old cantankerous crotchety manthat I've finally turned 64 but nobody loves me.  Now, this could mean I've become all old, cantankerous, and crotchety....or, it might be that my subconscious is telling me I need to get on the ball and do a little legal research about social security and all other things dealing with getting old(er) at my local county law library.  Yeah, that sounds right.  Maybe I should look at such great titles as Social Security, Medicare & Government Pensions (Nolo Press), or Medicare & Medical Claims and Procedures (West) or Long Term Care: How to Plan & Pay for It (Nolo).

Yep, it's sure a comforting thought that no matter what my subconscious throws my way, I know that with a little effort all my problems can be solved (and my dreams resolved) at my local county law library.