Monday, July 10, 2017

It's called rope

Caught the wife cheating - again
Today, as I was perusing the news feeds, I came across an article about rope.  Well, not rope, per se, but rope as in one group dolling out enough rope for another group to hang it's collective self.  

Seems the democratic party has finally realized that spiteful, hateful, angry, foolish, stupid, reckless speech targeted toward the POTUS after losing an election (rather badly, I might add) may cause rank and file people, who don't understand that politicians are a bunch of windbags, may cause said peoples to rise up and try to kill those in authority (i.e. every politician in DC). 

Such is the case in law and legal things and it brought to my mind a case that I worked on years back. Once upon a time, there was a Guy.  Guy had a wife and two beautiful children. One day, Guy was flipping through the mail and came across a letter addressed to his wife.  Turns out letter was written by an Admirer of wife.  I won't bore you with the details but after a little snooping, Guy finds out wife is in bed with Admirer - and has been for a few months.

Guy is seething but not so seething that he flips out.  Guy bides his time and collects evidence for his impending filing for divorce:

  • Guy attaches a recording device to the phone and tracks her cell phone.
  • Guy scans credit card bills
  • Guy watches the flow of the joint bank account
  • Guy hires a detective to take pictures of wife and Admirer.

Over the course of months, Guy amasses a mountain of evidence against wife, files for divorce, gets sole physical and legal custody of the kids, kicks wife out, and he and his kids have lived happily ever after, ever since.

While not all of my blogs end in a happily ever after, some of them do.  And while this is primarily a blog about the how of legal research, sometimes you don't need a whole bunch of resources.  Maybe just start with AmJur Proof of Facts. Yeah, that's the ticket.  Maybe look in volume 49 POF 3d page 277 (which basically lays out how to proceed against persons who have been faithless).

If you suspect that your significant other is sneaking around behind your back, don't flip out.  Instead, keep a weathered eye out for the signs of infidelity.  When you think you have enough (or have had enough), head on over to your local county law library and get your divorce on. 

We'll keep the light on for you.

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