Monday, May 1, 2017

Word of the Month for May 2017: Bigamy

Bigamous marriage
Imagine you are on vacation hiking in China.  That's right, China. Anyway, you're hiking around China and some people kidnap you, drag you to a foreign country, and force you to teach their leader how to speak English. Sounds a bit far fetched but that's exactly what happened to David Sneddon.  Seems David was hiking in China, kidnapped by North Korean agents and then forced to tutor now leader Kim Jong Un how to speak English.

While that really sucks, it reminds me of a guy who came into the library a while back. Seems guy had found the love of his life while vacationing in Las Vegas.  She was blond, blue eyed, busty, and had legs that went up to her neck.  At least that's what the picture he had looked like.  He was so smitten, that he had opened credit cards in her name and gave her access to his checking account.

Sad, then, when his world came crashing down after only two weeks.  Seems he became suspicious when he saw gross amounts of money fly out of his checking account(s).  Guy hired an investigator look into things and, as it turns out, guy had been conned.  

Seems Blond girl was funneling money to her husband in Jersey.  You heard right, husband.  Hot chick was already married when she married Guy in Vegas!

This, of course, brings us to our word of the month: BIGAMY.  According to Black's Law Dictionary, BIGAMY is 
The act of marrying one person while legally married to another.  Bigamy is distinct from adultery.  It is a criminal offense if it is committed knowingly.
Guy, now heartbroken, wanted revenge.  So, I suggest that in addition to filing a complaint with the District Attorney (bigamous marriage, and all), I also suggested he take a look at:
I guess the moral to this story is, look before you leap.  At least give the nuptials a cooling period before you hand over the keys to the kingdom.