Monday, January 16, 2017

Play it again, Sam

that song that is stuck in your head
Have you ever listened to lyrics to songs?  I'm not talking about church hymns. Those are pretty tame.  I'm talking about some of these songs that preach hatred for most everyone. Songs like Cop Killer by Ice T:
I got my twelve gauge sawed off.
I got my headlights turned off.
I'm 'bout to bust some shots off.
I'm 'bout to dust some cops off.
That's some pretty harsh lyrics coming from a guy that plays a cop on television.  I mean, you're actually telling people you're going out on the town to kill police?  I wonder what happens when he calls 911 for help.  Do the police respond, or laugh?

How about Dean Martin's Baby,It's Cold Outside:

Her: but maybe just a half a drink more;
Him: (put some records on while I pour);
Her: the neighbors might faint;
Him: (baby it's bad out there)
Her: say what's in this drink
Him: (no cabs to be had out there)
While vaguely marketed as a Christmas song, it actually sounds like a song about spiking a woman's drink with some roofies on a cold winter night and, well, since kids read this blog, too, I won't go into details.  Sufficient it to say, he could be looking at 5-10 in prison.

Then there's the song I was listening to on the way to work called Working My Way Back to You by The Spinners:
When you were so in love with me
I played around like I was free
Thought I could have my cake and it it to
But how I cried over losing you
I used to love to make you cry
It made me feel like a man inside 
So, let me get this straight, he plays around AND loves to make girls cry?  The only guys that LOVE to make girls cry are the ones what wear wife beater shirts. I swear that if my little girls brings one of those guys home to meet me, I'll gak!

Of course, this made me think of the thousands of people who file through our law library to attend the family law workshops hosted by the Superior Court.  As admirable as these workshops are (as they really do help people fill out paperwork and navigate the family law court), it's sad to see so many people having to go through the divorce process.  I mean, did they have in the back of their minds the thought that they would be divorced when they got married?  Does anyone?! 

It seems so, sometimes.  I remember a while back we had a guy come in on Monday who had just gotten married the day before (on Sunday) in Vegas and was looking to get a divorce.  Already!?  The ink hadn't even dried on his signature and, well, there you go. 

For those who are looking to break the chains that bind them, might I suggest you head over to your local county law library and take a look at:
The problem with some songs is not so much the lyrics as the fact that they get stuck in my head. Thankfully, it's only the lyrics that get stuck and not the concepts they proscribe.  
If ever you find that you got the two mixed up and find you need the services of a certified county law Librarian, head on over and we'll help you get things sorted out.