Monday, January 18, 2016

They See You When You're Sleeping

Google sees all
Did you know that each time you run a search in Google (the #1 search engine), team Google saves your key words and the links you click on.  Team Google then sells that data to vendors who then target you with specific ads based on past searches.  

This can be good and bad.  For example, say you're looking for a new job and have been searching for jobs online.  Pretty soon, you're browser is going to be filled with ads about head hunters and job searching websites for anyone looking over your shoulder to see. How about if you're behind in your rent and you need money fast.  In no time, embarrassing ads will start popping up from Check 'n Go and other fast money lenders

Of course, you can avoid all of this hassle by going to your local county law library.  Wait, what?!  

See, the beauty of using your local county law library is that we don't keep records of what you search.  I mean, omnipotent legal research gods (and goddesses) law Librarians are, we're not mind readers.  If you don't tell us what you're looking at, we're never going to know what you're doing! 

For example, say you wanted to research whether you committed securities fraud by selling off stocks based on the fact that the product your corporation just released bombed tanking sales.  Knowing that no one is looking over your shoulder, you might want to take a look at 
Another one?  Say you're particularly nervous having just hit a pedestrian in the cross walk and then you drove away.  While there were no witnesses and was a pitch black night, you're wondering what liabilities you might be facing down the line (believe me, this happens more often than you might want to imagine).  Knowing no one is looking over your shoulder, you might want to look at
Yep, your local county law library is the perfect place to research your most pressing questions in peace and quiet (away from the prying eyes of the Internet).  So to you and all a Happy New Year and we'll be open bright and early next year for those who have something to find (but don't want anyone to know you're looking).