Friday, June 7, 2013

Talk to the hand

now, THAT's a freaky picture!Amazing what people do to get attention, these days.  Take, for instance, the guy who came up to me stompin' around and making a royal ruckus.  Seems he had just lost his motion to lower his child support and he was looking to yell at someone (the judge wouldn't listen so he turned his attentions to his local county law Librarian).  Thing is, he only had himself to blame because he tried to create his motion with what he could find on the Internet.

With him blaring in my face, I says to him "Didn't anyone ever tell you that about 99% of everything on the Internet is bunk?"  If what you want to do is win on your next motion to lower child support (I says to him), then might I suggest you go to your local county law Library FIRST and take a look at American Jurisprudence Pleading and Practice Forms (West), or Modern Child Custody Practice (Lexis).

Yeah, that's what you/he should do - instead of yelling at your local county law Librarian - because the best thing you can ever do is NOT yell at your local county law Librarian, if for no other reason, than s/he is your last and best hope for salvation in an otherwise insane legal world.