Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's a Mad, Mad World

voices mindgames good ideasDo you know what I think about these days?  Yes, yes, I think about all the legalesque resources we provide for the adoring fans of our law library but lately I have been thinking about what makes a person mentally imbalanced. We’re not talking about stubbing a toe and hopping around like mad spewing forth blue streaks in strange and foreign languages.  No, I’m talking about letting those inner voices in your head have the final say in what and how you think.

Thanks to a few particularly bad decisions from those in the financial world, employed
imaginary friends versus the voices people have become a dying breed. The result is that because there are fewer employed people around, there is more for the employed people to do (at the same rate of pay). Over time, it can really wear a person down to the point of letting those little voices in your head take over.

Now, I don’t know what your voices are saying, but just the other day my voices started saying things like “you’ve been working too hard – you need ice cream!”  or “you need a break – you should go to the Law Library and do some legalesque research!”  Since I’m usually already here, I asked "them" what should I be looking at?  The voices replied saying, “Well, since you’re talking to us, we suggest you should be looking at Mental and Emotional Injuries in Employment Litigation (BNA), Mental Disability Law (Lexis), Disabilities and the Law (West), Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (ABA), and/or ADA Public Accommodations and Commercial Facilities (Lexis).

So, if you're ever feeling like someone (or something) is trying to take over your mind, why not take a break and head over to your local county law library for some perspective.  If nothing else, you'll be able to finally prove to everyone you are crazy and get that Section 8 Corporal Klinger always wanted.