Saturday, November 10, 2012

Some People's Kids

elder abuse sad excuse
Typically when people think about Elder Abuse, they see pictures of old people with bruises and scars.  Fact of the matter is that many of those abused done have bruises you can't see.  I mean, I see people every day who are beaten down mentally.  More and more people are getting taken advantage of, children are soaking their parents, brother and sister are at each others necks for the last farthing of inheritance.  It's becoming a sad state of affairs.

Then there was the one situation that came up recently.  Seems there was this older woman who had been diagnosed with Dementia. Turns out, this woman's daughter (after the woman had been diagnosed): 
  1. moved into her mother's house without permission;
  2. "compelled" the woman to change her trust and will naming daughter as the executor and sole beneficiary;
  3. prevented the woman's other children from visiting her;
  4. repeatedly missed the woman's doctor's appointments;
  5. and invited a dozen of her closest friends to live in mother's house.
Mind you - all of this is after mother was diagnosed with Dementia.  Great kid, that one.
Maybe you know of a situation similar to what this daughter is doing to this woman.  Maybe you've thought you should read up on what is (and how to prevent) Elder Abuse.  If you
Elder Abuse neglect financie exploitation
think you know of a situation where an elderly person is being abuse or just want to read up on the subject of Elder Abuse, head on over to your local county law library and take a look at AmJur Proof of Facts (118 POF3d 297), or American Law Reports (113 ALR5th 431) or even AmJur Pleading and Practice Forms (Assault and Battery).

Yep, there sure are are a whole lot of creepy people out there and it seems the world is going to pot.  Regardless of the craziness around you, what you need to remember is that your local county law library will always stand as your beacon of last resort helping you feel safe and secure in an otherwise insane world.  Yeah, we are that good!

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