Friday, October 12, 2012

You ever get that sour taste in your mouth?

car smell lemon junkAt our law library, we get a whole lot of people who are dissatisfied with life, for one reason or another.  Their brother's cousin's sister borrowed money that was never returned.  Their mother's uncle's father was thrown in jail for a crime he didn't commit.  Your brother's brother's brother's brother was fired for, of all things, spanking his boss (really happened).

Then there's the people who actually have a beef with life.  Take for instance the gal who came into our library the other day.  Seems she had bought a "new" car and in little under two days she had to return the car to the dealer for repairs.  In fact, she had to take her car into the dealer every week for over two months.  Turns out her "new" car wasn't really that new; something to do with the odometer being turned back a few thousand miles and the fact that her "new" car had
scream frazzled woman
been in an accident, or two.  When she finally came into our law library, she was frazzled seven ways from Sunday and about to pop.  Gently, I lead her over to our consumer law section and handed her Automobile Fraud (NCLC) and pointed her to the section on Lemon Laundering (the new term of art for litigation dealing with cars that are "lemons") and the section on the Federal Odometer Law

Sad that she had to go through this experience but good that she knew that she could depend on her local county law library to have what she needed to get back on the road to stability and sanity.  If you ever have a problem you can't seem to resolve, why not try working with your local county law librarian and see if we can't help you, too!