Monday, January 11, 2016

It hurts

Homeless scams
The other day whilst going walkabout in downtown Riverside, I was accosted by a "homeless" person because I wouldn't empty my pockets (really - he demanded that I empty my pockets). Fact is, I don't generally give money to anyone except the IRS and the wife.  If I'm going to give money to charity, I do it through the church and let them figure out who gets what.

Anyway, back to the "homeless" accosting.  So I've got this guy riding my coat tails screaming obscenities at the top of his lungs.  People, are stretching their necks to see what is going on and the cop across the street looked over mid-donut binge and laughed.

What is particularly annoying is the fact that while there may be many in "need," I suspect that there are many panhandlers who are not only NOT homeless but they are able bodied and could be tax paying citizens but, instead treat panhandling as their primary "job" taking advantage of the consciences of honest people.  Truly, a scam of monumental proportions and it should not be taking lightly by the boys in blue (or government, in general).  

From the proposition that there are many in the panhandling business who are scamming we the people, might I offer three suggestions proffered by comments on the internet when confronted by someone seeking free money:

  1. Offer to buy them lunch (burger, fries and drink)
  2. Whatever you were going to give, give to a "recognized" charity 
  3. Offer them a job 

Some online resources I've found on the subject related to panhandling include:

What is sad is that there are so many who ignore the golden rule and seek to take advantage of their fellow man.  When there comes a time of peace on earth, good will to all men (and women), I would hope humanity comes to grips with its lust for more and learns to live with less.  My two cents.