Monday, September 14, 2015

All I saw were tongue and teeth

She was just out of her mind freaking crazy
Recently, I got screamed at by a stressed out freak of a person.  Seems person had been sued for breach of contract on an unpaid credit card (a lot of that going around these days).  What person said they wanted was the one form that they needed to answer the complaint.  Because my brain clicked off after 10 minutes of ranting and swearing and being told how stupid I was, I stopped with the listening and shook my head in disbelief.  Yeah, 20+ years of school and I'm the stupid one.

Knowing that person was pissed off seven ways from Sunday even before they came into the library, I still tried to help.  Really, I did.  I walked person over to California Forms of Pleading and Practice, opened Volume 13 and thumbed to page 140-202 and book marked through page 140-253 (which all covered the answer to a breach of contract as well as many, if not all, the affirmative defenses used in a breach of contract action).  With the sure thing in their hand, I was on my way to grab another possible resource in the way of of AmJur Pleading and Practice Forms (West) when person flipped out.  JUST SHOW ME THE %@^^#@#$^ @$&# $!!&&*$ ))(*#)U%*&@# % FORM YOU STUPID #@%@#^%* *&!@$* &!@$P OIU!@# $OPY!!!!

For the record, I do not respond well to yelling.  Really don't like it.  In fact, I don't know any Librarian who likes to be screamed at.  For that matter, I don't know anyone who likes to be screamed at but I know not a few people who, when confronted by a screaming meemie will beat a hasty retreat - so, I guess I was doing better than most by not just ignoring this crazed person.  

One other thing to note (that people don't seem to understand) is that the mere act of handing people legal forms they need/want constitutes an unlawful practice of law.  While the State Bar seems reluctant to do anything in the way of enforcing that aspect of the law, I suspect I would be the one the Bar would go after and be prosecuted for said giving of the offending form, post haste.   

Suffice it to say, person did not calm down or get what they thought they wanted because person was too freaked out to walk and chew gum at the same time.  Bottom line, if ever you need help finding something legal, I'm your man.  Just, when you come in, might you please leave your angst outside so that I can help you find what you need without all the yelling and screaming?

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  1. Good job Bret! Staying cool in the midst of freaking out! ;)