Thursday, July 2, 2015

I saw THIS one coming

Smack you upside your head, Karma does
I don't know what your religious affliation(s) might be but being a Christian, myself, I believe in Karma.  Yeah, yeah, it's a Buddist concept but it makes sense to me (so there).  As it relates to things, Karma is that force in the universe that hands you what you give out (kind of like the force version from Star Wars Episode 4 (not Episodes 1-3, which were an abomination)).  Give good, get good.  Give bad, get screwed.  It's that simple.

In today's news, FORMER state senator Leland Ye, got smacked upside his head with a heavy dose of Karma.  Back in February 2015, I even blogged about this.  Seems that, in addition to helping to facilitate gun running for some guy named "Shrimp Boy," Mr. Yee opted to plea guilty to one count of racketeering

ONE COUNT!?!  The guy was looking at political corruption, gun trafficking AND money laundering and he only get's ONE COUNT!?!?  Either the prosecution is a collective bunch of dufuses akin to The Three Stooges and are not competent to run a decent investigation, or Mr. Ye has one heck of an attorney (I'm thinking more of the first and some of the second).

In any event, Mr. Ye is looking at some stiff penalties to the tune of up to $250,000 and 20 years in prison.  Of course, that is the maximum penalty.  If his attorney has any say in the matter (or the judge is a competent as the prosecution), Leland will likely get off with time served and a slap on the wrist (politicians rarely do any hard time).  I'm just sayin.