Friday, August 29, 2014

Who are you trying to kid?!

fools and liars; two peas in a pod
So, I'm reading yesterday's Press Enterprise (Thursday, August 28, 2014) and I see the front page top headline: 3 plead not guilty in police shootout.  Apparently, a rookie officer was driving down a neighborhood in San Bernardino, California when all of a sudden, a bunch of people pulled out AK-47 machine guns and started shooting at the officers - critically wounding one (he's still in the hospital fighting for his life).

The thing that gets me with these types of cases is that here you have a bunch of bad a$$e$ before the arrest and then there is a bunch of timid children in court at the arraignment.  Where is the bravado you exhibited at the scene of the alleged crime?  Where is the swagger, the confidence flung hither and yon while bullets were flying?  If you're gonna play in the big leagues, grow a pair and fess up.  At least, that's what my mom taught me.  Do the crime, do the time.

Oops, can't have personal responsibility take center stage. Reality is there will always be someone who wants to defend the cop killer's rights.  There will always be a judge who will be paid to impartially determine the fate of the alleged shooter of cops - but I can dream, can't I.