Thursday, July 25, 2013

Let's hear it for the little guy

Just because he's big, doesn't mean he can't fallRarely is the case when Big Brother gets stomped by the little guy.  Today, however, is the day.  Seems little guy, Jeffrey Meier, had filed for social security disability benefits and was denied.  He appealed the decision and the decision was reversed (meaning, he got the benefits he wanted).

Fast forward a few months and Mr. Meier goes back demands his attorney fees and costs (to the tune of about $15,000) from the first case. 

I'd like to point out that the defendant in this case was essentially the United States of America (aka Big Brother - you know, the one with the NSA scandal a few months back?). 

Again the lower court denied him (Meier v. Astrue, 404 F. App'x 150).  Again Mr. Meier appealed and won (Meier v. Colvin, 2013 DJDAR 9525).  TWICE he kicked Big Brother's backside!  From a legal standpoint, this case is significant because the Court of Appeals told the lower court it had to expilcitly state why/how it arrived at its decision (which, in this case, it had to detail the concept of "Substantial Justice").  

Regardless, this guy is my hero!  Goes up against the mountain and kicks its behind.  What a guy.  Heck, what a guy's guy.  Mr. Meier is the guy that all guys should aspire.  A little man's hero and is our person of the week.