Saturday, September 22, 2012


golf golf golfYou probably don't know this about me but I really love to golf.  I don't go out as much as I used to but I still dig it.  Years ago when I was young(er), I would tee off around 5:30AM at a local course - long before most people even woke up.  Sometimes it was so chilly ice would form around my spikes so I would be slipping around - not that it really had any effect on my game.  I mean, I love(d) to golf but I was never the type to get all stickler about golf rules.  My theory is that golf isn't about how low your score is but, rather, it's how many golf balls you can find.  The only thing that really bugs me about golf is slow players.  Let me elucidate.

Once upon a time I and a friend were out hitting the links at La Mirada Golf Course.  We were going along when we came up behind a twosome.  They took forever to hit a ball.  You'd think they were a couple of,...uh...well, they were playing really slow!  Heck, it took 2 hours just to play the last three holes on the front nine!  As soon as we finished the 9th (and while they were still in the club house seeking refreshment, we skipped ahead of them and slow play golf bad jumped on the 10th hole.  They finally caught up with us (only because they skipped the 11th hole) and started nagging at us for getting ahead of them.  We blew them off and continued with the game.  Fact was, they were right - we should have asked them if we could go ahead.  Fact was, they were also wrong because the course Marshall should have kicked them off the course for taking so #@#^%@^!@%$!@ long.  Turns out, what I should have done is instead of just blowing them off, I should have suggested they go to their local county law library and take a look at The Little Green Book of Golf Law : The Real Rules of the Game of Golf (ABA).

The moral to all this is simply this:  If you find yourself with a problem - don't go ballistic and start with the nagging.  Just direct the offending party(ies) to their local county Law Librarian and they'll set them straight for you.