Tuesday, August 21, 2012

If it's not one thing...it's your brother!

siblings arguingI just notice that lately I've been writing a lot about probate stuff.  Probably the reason for that is because we have a whole lot of people coming into our library looking for ways to screw their siblings out of something in Probate OR they're looking to keep from being screwed by a sibling in Probate.

For instance, we had an older gentleman come in looking to prevent his children from fighting over his estate after he passed on.  Seems he had a rather sizable estate and was looking to minimize ensuing battles.  While in my capacity as a law librarian I can't give him legal advice I can (and did) give him Charitable Giving: Taxation, Planning, and Strategies (West) which suggests ways to give away your money other than just giving it to siblings who are going to fight about it anyway.

While it's sad how money changes some people, what you need to know is  that if ever a situation arises that you need help fighting for or defending against someone in Probate, know that your friendly neighborhood county law library has just what you need to help you do whatever it is you have to do.