Monday, June 18, 2018

Be a Leader

True leaders beget more leaders
Do you people even read my blog?  Looking at how many followers I have (all of 7), you'd think that no one pays any attention to the scripture falling from my fingertips.

Actually, I was thinking about my seven faithful followers just the other day when an older, seasoned attorney came into my law library.

Seems attorney was dealing with a settlement in a family law case. As he walked up to me, he handed me a dozen copies of various posts from my blog (Legal Research is Easy) and said, "I have scoured your blog and not once have you posted anything relating to QDROs."

For those not in the know, a QDRO (or "Qualified Domestic Relations Order") works as a settlement order in a divorce case dividing retirement or pension plans by recognizing marital ownership by both parties (husband and wife).  So, when the pension is ready to be distributed, both husband and wife get their marital share.  It's a bit more complicated than that but that's about the gist of things.

Anyway, I ask seasoned the by, do you follow my blog?  No he did not.  He was referred to my blog by a lawyer friend who read my blog (and who was also not a follower of my blog). 

Huh. What are the odds that there are people out in blogland that religiously read (and scour) my blog for things they can use in real life but that don't actually follow my blog?  Guess I'm doing something right?!

Anyway, seeking to rectify the issue at hand, I lead seasoned attorney to resources that could help him draft a QDRO, such as:
Yep, you never know when what you do is going to help someone.  Good thing there is a blog (like Legal Research Is Easy) that is updated (at least) weekly to help people find what they need when they're in a bind. 

So, you all keep reading and I'll keep posting these words of wisdom and you all have a great rest of the day/week/month/year!

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