Monday, May 14, 2018

They're gonna get you

Geithner is/was a tax cheat
Funny how some people think they're gonna outwit the system and never get caught.

Funnier still are the people that come into my library and then tell me what they're doing (or are planning to do). Such was the case with one enterprising young man who walked up to me the other day.  

Seems Young Man had been working for himself for the last few years and, for one reason or another, forgotten to pay his taxes.  Oopsy.

That's "oopsy" as in that's something that would kinda freak me out.  Young Man, on the other hand, is being a bit ballsy and braggy about being about to fly under the radar.

Being a man of business, though, Young Man is getting kinda skittish about the whole thing and thinks (out loud) that maybe if he racks up a bunch of debt and then files bankruptcy that he'll be able to get around the tax liability thing.  

When I start to mention how Willie Nelson tried to pull that, he cut me off and wanted to bone up on things bankruptcy and tax.  So, I suggest he take a look at:

and off Young Man was preparing his, uh,...defense?

I just don't get some people.  I mean, I'd be a nervous wreck if I did all the things people told me they did.  Good thing I'm a Librarian and don't make enough money to have to contemplate screwing the IRS.  

At least, I think that's a good thing...?

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