Monday, May 7, 2018

Regular people, regular problems

Some people's kids
About 40 percent of the time, the kind of people that come into my law library are the kind of people that have ZERO legal experience.  

Zip, nada, nothing, not a clue what to do.  

The one good thing they did was walk in my law library because I actually do know what I'm doing.

For instance, the other day I had a youngish lady come into my library.  Not a clue what to do, she was told to go to the law library.  

She tells me that she had filed suit in state court. Defendant promptly filed a motion to remove to Federal court and claimed that Lady had not properly served defendant, that the case should have been filed in Federal court, and that plaintiff didn't know what she was doing.

Well, they got one out of three right.  

Anyway, I ask lady if she read the motion.  "No," she replied. 

Did you read any of the codes cited in the motion, I asked? "No," she replied.  

Did you properly serve the defendant? "Yes," she replied. 

Well, says I, if you're going to fight this thing, you might want to read what they're trying to do to you.  You might also take a look at:

and develop an opposition....and with that she left the building.  

What, what?!?  

Yeah, turns out some people really can't handle the truth.  

In her case, even though I handed her the exact resources she needed (in point of fact, the exact chapter she needed), she didn't want to do the work and even asked, "can't you just do it for me?"

Yeah, no, I can't/won't.  

What I can suggest, if you're asking that kind of question, is hire yourself an attorney who will do it for you (for a fee). Yeah, that's what you (well, she or her or, well, anyone) should do.

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