Monday, October 30, 2017

It's all true

Truth is what it is
In the beginning when the smart people of the world said the world was flat and the earth was the center of the universe, everyone believed them.  When television was new, if someone said it on the TV, everyone knew it had to be true.  Fast forward a few decades and we get Facebook.  Turns out there are people who believe if it's on Facebook, it must be true.  

Have you ever heard something and thought, "That can't be true?"  Turns out there are a whole lot of things being said all the time that are, eventually, shown to be true. For example:
Wait, what?!?  County law libraries are open free to the public?  Yes, yes they are.  So, funny story. Guy comes into the LAW library.  Wants to know if he can come into the LAW library even though he is not an attorney or a judge or someone who works for an attorney.  I say, yes, he can come in and use/peruse everything we have in print and online. Floored, is he.  "How can anyone expect me to go through everything in one day," he asked.

We're not the Louve, I said, but I suspect it might take more than a day to get around to everything.  Take, for instance, our Bankruptcy collection.  Spanning an entire section, we've got everything from how to file bankruptcy to how to protect a creditor's rights.

Then there is our resources on corporations.  In addition to codes from every state in the union dealing with corporations

and we have over 18 CEB titles dealing with all things corporations and business (not to mention the dozens of other titles dealing with business and corporations).

I could go on and on and on about all the great things we have here at our LAW library that can help you do business or get out of a mess.  Busy as you are, why not take a break and just head on over to your local county law library.  I have no doubt but that your local county law Librarians have exactly what you need to help you do whatever you need doing.

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