Monday, August 28, 2017

They're Making This Too Easy

Just another black dress
Does anyone really think they can get justice in this world, anymore?  Anyone?!  OK, OK, I realize there are some true believers who think that because they wear a long black dress everyday, that judges will ignore the the world around them and base their decision on the facts and rule of law. That's the hope, anyway.

Thing is, anyone that pays attention to politics knows this is not (or no longer) the case.  For example.  I was reading the paper the other day and read an article in the Los Angeles Times (New tilt to state high court?).  Seems Kathryn Werdegar is on the California Supreme Court and she's retiring from years of service.  She was initially appointed to the California Supreme Court by then Governor Pete Wilson (a Republican) in 1994.  With the retirement of an evil Republican appointment, Gov. Moonbeam can now set things "right" and inject some Democrat blood into the high court's mix with a "new" Democrat appointment.

What I want to know is why is this even an issue?  Republican, democrat, independent, left-wing, right really should not matter what the political affiliation is because aren't judges supposed to base their opinions on the facts of each case and the rule of law?

Sadly, however, it seems that judges follow their prejudices and rule based on what their party dictates. I mean, remember when Judge Roberts (of the SCOTUS) switched his vote at the last second and ruled in favor of obamacare?  Painful as all that was (at the time), I was actually hopeful that a high-profile judge was finally breaking out of the mold and voting based on their independent objectivity.  Yeah, that lasted for all of 15 minutes and we're back to party-line voting.  Yeah, sad that.

Oh well, I guess I live in a fictitious bubble hoping that judges will ignore who appointed them and base decisions on what is in front of them - not who is pulling their strings. Buuuut, I won't hold my breath.

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