Monday, May 15, 2017

I just don't get it

Things that don't mix: burgers and raw eggs
So, the other day I was at a restaurant and ordered a $5 burger.  Yeah, I know; Carl's Jr makes fun of those guys all the time.  Anyway, when I got my burger, I noticed yellow stuff running down the side.  I ask the server what gives and she says, "Oh, that's the egg yolk."  Uh huh...

Apparently putting a near raw egg on top of a burger is the "in" thing now.  Sad that since it really does nothing to the flavor and actually makes me gag.  Raw egg?!?  Who thought that one up??  I mean, yuk on a galactic scale!

Other things that have me questioning the sanity of humanity:

  • Women who wear see-through dresses.  I mean, what's the point?
  • Invisible jeans.  Again, what's the point?
  • People who park in front of the sign that says NO PARKING; TOWED AT OWNERS EXPENSE.
  • Guys who wear a baseball cap backwards and then complain the sun is too bright.
  • Women who keep buying bigger bags because they filled up their last one.
  • Women who pay $100 for a haircut whereas guys only pay $10.
  • Twerking.
  • People who say they don't care where we eat, until you make a suggestion.
  • Parents who can't say "no" to their kids and then complain that their kids are out of control.
  • Why anyone would ask Gordon Ramsay to visit their restaurant.
  • How people driving in California forget how to drive when it rains.
  • People who still search Google when they need to find something of a legal nature.

So, we had a young lady come into the library the other day. Claims that the judge is an idiot for granting summary judgment against her.  Fair enough but then lady says she had searched for an example of a complaint on Google and filed it.  Doesn't matter that the example was from a complaint filed in Georgia and she was in California.  Yeah, maybe the judge wasn't so stupid, after all.

Turned out the judge was none too impressed by her failing to follow the basic rules of court (particularly those that related to the formatting of legal documents) and suggested she go to the law library instead of relying on the Internet for her legal research needs.  To the law library she went and is now asking for help to reverse the summary judgment.  Really?  Reverse it?

Turns out a "friend" suggested she take a look a Motions for Reconsideration.  So, I suggested she take a look at 

For the record, none of these are free online.  You have to either own a subscription to them or know someone who does.  Turns out, your local county law library is your one stop shop for all things legal.

So, when next you need to file a complaint, or motion, or just need to do a little legal research, please, please, please don't (just) use Google.  Head on over to your local county law library and let your local county law Librarian help you get your act together.

But don't listen to me.  You go ahead and Google to your hearts desire.  We'll be here when you have your proverbial head handed to you on a silver platter - yet again.