Sunday, June 15, 2014

You (don't always) Get What You Pay For

interns are the slaves of business
So, this morning, as I am wont to do, I was reading through one of the many newspapers that comes across my desk, and I noticed in the Riverside Business Journal an article about an intern who is suing the Clippers for not paying him (i.e. he was and "unpaid" intern).

The thing is, most everyone who goes to college has been an intern for someone.  EVERYONE knows that an intern is a fancy name for slave.  Interns take unpaid opportunities to experience what life outside college is like.  Sometimes, the positions are paid but most times you don't get a dime for your efforts because you're there to learn about the business.  Basically, it's a contract - you show me the ropes and I'll be your slave for a short time.  Key word here is SHORT.   Anyone working longer than 8 weeks is not an intern - they're an indentured servant.  The kicker, is that if they are at any place longer than 8 weeks - THEY choose to be so.  No one is (or should be) forcing them to work for free. If you don't like working there for free, go work someplace else.  It's that simple.

So, here, we have an intern who, for whatever reason, decided to extend his internship with the Clippers - and did so for free.  Now, he says they worked him like a slave and should have paid him a minimum wage. Well, of course they did, dimwit - that's the nature of an unpaid internship - you work for FREE.  I mean, what part of FREE don't you get?!  If employers were to pay you for your long term work, you would be called an employee.

If what you're looking for is some resources related to internships or contracts or similar things, might I suggest you go to your local county law library and take a look at:
Bottom line is that I have no sympathy for this guy.  He entered into a contract to get knowledge, got the knowledge and then wanted to hang around because....what?!  Are the Clippers such a prestigious group that people are lining up to work for them for free?!  I guess so.