Friday, May 16, 2014

Word of the Month for May 2014: Subjection

Vote smart
I just got my latest shell-game installment in the mail (i.e. ballot).  Seems this year they're electing a new district attorney, a couple of judges, and some state and federal "representatives."  Years ago I stopped reading the bios and propaganda written by the electees because they all mislead.  I mean, I've not see one time where an elected person ever followed through on what they said they would do for we the people.  Not one. Oh, they get close sometimes but they're always tempted by the seductive dark side (i.e. lobbyist money).

Of course, all this brings me to the word of the month:  SUBJECTION.  According to Black's Law Dictionary (West), SUBJECTION is the act of subjecting someone to something; the condition of being subject, exposed, or liable; liability.

That's a pretty scary definition: the condition of being exposed?!  Makes me feel all naked.  All scary aside, it is very descriptive in the sense that once you vote someone into office, you are exposed to the elected person's personal ideals (whether or not they reflect those of the person's that elected them).  I mean, like it or not, look at what the current U.S. President has done for the country in little over four years:  

Of course, all of this brings up another important word of the month: VOTE.  Again, according to Black's Law Dictionary (West), VOTE is the expression of one's preference or opinion in an meeting or election by ballot, show of hands, or other type of communication (Voting: the casting of votes for the purpose of deciding an issue). 

While there are some who say "why bother to vote?" - it comes down to this: if you don't vote for your "elected" representative (or even the POTUS), what right do you have to complain when things go south?  If you do vote for your "elected" representative et al. and they don't do what you tell them to do, it behooves you to vote for someone else.  

That's right!  Throw the bums OUT of office and stop voting for the same lies over and over.  Who cares what party you (or the elected person) is; if they haven't lived up to what you think they should be doing, vote them OUT of office.  That's what an educated electorate should do.  Get out and VOTE and stop being subjected to the same lies over and over, again.