Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Down but not out

Winning isn't everything - until you don'tSo, the other day as I was getting my law Librarian groove on, I had a patron come up to me with a dilemma.  Seems he had filed a lawsuit in Federal District Court, had lost, and was now in the process of appealing that decision.  The problem was that he didn't want to lose again and needed to know what he could do to increase his odds of success.

As it turns out, most law libraries have scads of resources on appealing Federal actions.  As such, I suggested he take a look at:

While your local county law library might not have everything you'll ever need every time, you can be rest assured that if it's legal AND in print AND you need it to help you succeed, your local county law librarian won't rest until s/he finds it.