Monday, February 17, 2014

It's tough all over

Never enough to go aroundRarely is the case that I'll read a newspaper article that surprises me anymore what with the current state of the economy.  "Funny," then, that I was reading an article in the LA Daily Journal on page one titled State court workers still wait for raise: Judges got increase, but appellate employees have not had pay hike for years.  

A raise for "years," huh?!  What really roils me is the fact that a couple years back I was at a Librarian conference (where Librarians sit around and talk about Librarian stuff).  During that conference, we had a speaker - a judge from the appellate court division.  She was talking about how the the court system didn't have any money and I swear there was a tear in darn near every Librarian's eye...UNTIL...the judge said, "we have so little money that we can't even afford the nice silver cross pens, anymore.  We have to use those cheap Bic pens."  At which point, she lost darn near every Librarian and the pity turned to, well, just say there wasn't all that much left.

See, we here in Librarianland use those "cheap" Bic pens all the time.  Most here in Librarianland have not had a raise in years, too - but do you see an article about the plight of Librarians in Librarianland?!?  No, you do not and that's because we in Librarianland don't go whining every time times get tight (in fact, politicians could learn a thing or two about money management from your local Librarian).

All that said, maybe the/a problem is that you're tired of doing more with less.  Maybe you'd like to receive a hefty Christmas bonus every year (or at least start with a little moonlighting).  If that is the case, then maybe what you need to do is to look for alternate employment at:

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Yep, there are a whole lot of opportunities out there if you're willing to take the time to look for them.  In the mean time, know that if what you need is some good ol' home cooked legal research, you're local county law Librarian is standing firm waiting to help you (all while the world around you is crumbling down).