Friday, November 8, 2013

Rats on a ship

Like rats abandoing a sinking shipWhen I was a kid, I played a game called Mouse Trap.  Basically, you go around the board and when you land on certain spaces, you get to put together an intricate mouse trap.  The object is to get the trap put together and be the first to get to spring the trap and catch the mouse.

Seems prosecutors around the nation know about that game too what with the number of politicians getting caught accepting bribes or kickbacks or are just playing dirty pool.  In the news today we have yet another example of a rodent caught in a trap.

Marcelo Co (former Moreno Valley City Council member) pled guilty to accepting a $2.36 million bribe.  In return for accepting the cash, Mr. Co was going to work to secure City Council votes for zoning changes and project approvals.  What's funny about this whole things is that the headline in the Press Enterprise read, "Leaders shocked by bribery charge."  Shocked?  Really?!?  How's the saying go - power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely.  

If you're going to play in politics long enough, you're going to start believing that you're more than you are (just look at any 2nd term United States President).  Thing is, just because you're called "honorable" doesn't mean you are.  Anyway, since this is a blog about how to link everyday topics with legal resources so, following are some resources which can be linked to yet another "honorable" public servants screw up - to wit:
I guess the upshot to all this is that if you're going to go into politics - just know you're going to get caught doing something.  I mean everyone does - eventually.  When you do get caught with your hands in someone else's pocket, know that your local county law library will be ready to help you mount your defense in case, well, you want to keep your job (or get it back).