Friday, October 11, 2013

Just when you thought you had a handle on it

If you are prepared, you won't be so much afraid of the crazy that's coming at you
The problem with writing a blog about how to do legal research is that some posts are easier to read than others.  I mean, I wrote a post last week that had me on the edge of my seat!  Today, not so much - but it's important that I put this information out there in blog land so that people are aware of things.

Which all brings us to today's post.  Specifically, how does a person prepare for the craziness of a trial.  See, there was this guy who came in the library the other day and he was literally freaking out of his mind.  He had filed his complaint, done discovery, went through the settlement conference, crossed all his T's and dotted all his I's and was now on his way to trial.  UGH,...the very thought of arguing his case in front of a jury, opposing counsel, the defendant, a judge, a bailiff, a court clerk, and a whold bunch of gawking spectators just freaked him out!  Good thing, then, that he came to the law library when he did so that I could help him settle down and prepare for his day in court.

First, I tell him to cowboy up, then suggest he take a look at:
OK, there are a whole lot of other stuff you need to know about trials and trial prep, but those resources should help get you going.  Anyway, it sure helped the guy I was working with as he was able to tighten up his arguments and feel better prepared to tackle his case.

I guess the moral to this story is, if ever you find yourself in a bind and don't know where to turn, know that the good folks at your local county law library are always available to help you out.